Child Welfare Officer

Whitburn Cricket Club’s Child Welfare Officer is Liz Hobson.

Liz is responsible for safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children at the Club and for ensuring Whitburn Cricket Club provides a welcoming, safe and child-friendly environment.

Liz Hobson, Child Welfare Officer

Reporting concerns and incidents

If you have any concerns about child welfare or safety at Whitburn Cricket Club or you are aware of any incidents, you should report them to Liz immediately.

In an emergency please contact Liz by telephone on 07772 122757.

If Liz is not available, incidents and concerns should be reported to the County Child Welfare Officer, John Crockatt on 07876 344758.


General matters

Liz is also happy to discuss any general matters or concerns, at any time, with parents/guardians or children either by telephone, by email or in person.


Contact Liz